Season 2

!!!On this episode of the Happy Apple Podcast…!!! Joe sits down with the audience to go over the basic “Nuts and Bolts” of how Happy Apple Productions will be formatted and structured. BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS involving HAP growth!!! Joe’s roommate Nick chimes in on some important topics. !NEW HAPPY APPLE SONG DEBUT! And of course Happy Apples!!!

On this episode of the HAP, Joe sits down with the newest member of the Happy Apple Tree, Chelsea Eiben. Chelsea is a multi-talented individual who has been heavily involved in the comedy scene here in the Bay Area since 2011. On the episode, Joe and Chelsea discuss her new podcast with HAP (Eiben Tryin’ w/ Chelsea Eiben), how to swipe left on Tinder and of course give out their Happy Apple Awards.

!!!!ON THIS WEEK’S EPISODE!!! Joe has the newest members of the Happy Apple Tree call in from Albuquerque, NM and Denver, CO to introduce the “Love, Light and Insight” podcast. “Love, Light and Insight” is a mind and body wellness podcast that focuses on the balance and connections between mental and physical well being. The 3 ladies (Lauren Gomez, Rebecca Davis, and Christina Garcia) chat with Joe about their new podcast, New Year’s Resolutions and the next children’s songs that will take over our airwaves.

Happy New Year Happy Apple Listeners! Hoping you had an awesome holiday and are ready to kick ass in 2019! First things first, the Happy Apple has turned 1 year old…Yay!

In this episode, Joe and Gina celebrate how far they’ve come since the early days of talking award shows while celebrating all of the wins 2018 has brought to them doing this podcast: meeting & interviewing awesome people throughout the Bay Area, emceeing the Oakland Turkey Trot, inclusion in 2 fundraising parties and more!

2019 is going to be a big year for the Happy Apple! Joe discusses the huge rebrand kicking off on Feb. 3rd where the Happy Apple Podcast is growing and expanding to become (drumroll please)…Happy Apple Productions! With the new HAP, there will be more creative/content from other artists, the ability for even YOU to share your art, shop the HAP swag and of course, donate to our mission!

Joe & Gina end the pod discussing favorite Christmas movies, what phrases or trends should be left in 2018, and current shows that are a must or a miss.

Thank you for your continued support Happy Apples & we can’t wait for you to see what we have in store for you next month!