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In Your Dreams!

Join Bekka & Lauren as they discuss the dream world! Why do we dream? What is the purpose if it? What do common dream themes mean? What is lucid dreaming? Join the discussion and gain a little more insight on your dreamscapes!

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Is this the end? Re-evaluating relationships

Join us in episode 8 while the three of us re-unite to discuss re-evaluating relationships? When is it time to end a friendship? Or a partnership? What signs do you look for, and what should you keep in mind? Let’s explore this topic together and figure it out!

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Exercise and the Brain

Did you know our bodies provided a means for us to get high on life naturally? And for free?! Yup! Tune into episode 007 where Tina gets geeky on a neuronal and synaptic level. She takes a look into how exercise is the best way to keep the brain healthy and strong allowing all the […]

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Laura De “Garden”

Laura is a friend of mine for over 8 years. She lives in Richmond, CA. Is gay, married and has 4 fur babies. She also knows her way around a Ho … for gardening.Thanks!

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Understanding Shame

Hello Lovers! Welcome to Episode 6, where Bekka tackles the topic of Shame. She explores what it is, what causes it, and steps you can take to make positive changes in your life that ease the impact of this painful emotion.

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Let That Sh*t Go and Breathe

Join Lauren on her first solo podcast as she helps us get familiar with Mindfulness and some Mindfulness techniques that you can follow along with, to help alleviate some anxiety and stress. And remember whenever you are starting to feel overwhelmed just Let that S*** go and Breathe!

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